More Home Buyers Search Primarily on Mobile

More and more home buyers are using mobile devices as their primary means of searching for a new home, and for some, it’s their only means.

[quote_left]Are you prepared?[/quote_left]

“More than half of all page views of listings nationwide now occur through a mobile device, as opposed to a desktop computer, according to an analysis by Of mobile searches, more than twice as many listings are viewed via iPad and iPhone than via Android devices. Searches with iPhones are nearly three times as high as Android searches.”

While this is an exciting new trend, it does comes with pros and cons. Are you prepared? You not only need to be using with the same tools and technology as your clients, you need to be able to offer more.

Finding a new home isn’t as simple as picking out a few dots on a map. Has the 30 minutes your client spent in the house prepared them for the 30 years they might be living in it? When it comes time to close, should they simply sign on the dotted line? Is there an app for that? We can help you succeed in this competitive market.

Full story at Wall Street Journal and RE/MAX


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