Don’t Forget Your Pet

By Wanda Ortiz Thayne (RA)

Recently I represented a seller in a transaction that was cancelled by the buyers due to the Pet Policy. This situation caused a lot of stress for both the buyers and the seller, and could have been easily avoided.

Apparently, the buyers’ agent and the buyers did not have a discussion prior to putting in an offer as to whether they had pets and, if so, what kind and how many. They did not call the management company and did not ask the me about the building’s pet policy prior to putting in an offer.Wanda-and-Jack

The seller provided the condominium and association documents that included the pet policy and this was delivered to the buyers early in the transaction. The buyers proceeded with paying for and completing their home inspection and the appraisal. After completing both, they went over the condo docs and found that only 2 small pets were allowed. The buyers had 3 dogs.

After 2 weeks of being in escrow and probably around $1,000 spent between a home inspection and an appraisal, the buyers cancelled the transaction. This resulted in the buyers losing that money and the seller having to put the property on the market again.

My recommendation to any buyer is to make sure that the agent representing you assists you in gathering information regarding the pet policy prior to putting in an offer.  Even if you don’t currently own a pet, it is still wise to research the pet policy as someday you may want to have Fido move into your home.

For more pet friendly advice contact me, Wanda Ortiz Thayne (RA).


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