5 Habits & Best Practices for Realtors

5 Habits & Best Practices for Realtors Who Want More Referrals in 2015.

1. Send HUD settlement statements to all your 2014 clients with a handwritten note. Here is what you say, “Since tax time is upon us, I thought you might appreciate another copy of your HUD-1 Escrow Settlement Statement. Keep it handy for your tax preparation and save yourself some time searching for your paperwork pertaining to the sale of the property. Again, thank you for your business and referrals.”

2. Send a year-end letter to your sphere of influence. It’s time to reconnect. Create a year-end letter with personal photo’s. Choose a couple of exciting things that happened to you this year. A new hobby, wedding, graduation, family trip, new home, accomplishment or recognition. Summarize it in a letter and include photo captions. It’s not about business, it’s about relationships! Let them know you personally. Don’t forget to express gratitude for all their support in 2014 and future referrals in 2015.

3. Commit to writing handwritten notes. You’ve all heard it but have you adopted it into your daily, weekly, monthly business? Start now! Get a box of 100, and each week take time to send out at least three. If you need an idea of whom to send notes to, let me give you one hint, EVERYONE! Send notes to people you’ve encountered during the week, thanking them for their service or help, send notes to someone who posted an accomplishment on social media, send notes to your own children, family members so they know how much you love and care about them, send notes to friends saying you are just thinking of them, but one commitment you need to make is just send notes. Period. End of story. Do it.

4. Give back. Make 2015 about community involvement. Choose a charity or local organization and give back by donating time, money, services or skills. Volunteer with a charity or organization you believe in. Don’t do this to expand your business or network. Charity comes from the heart. You’ll meet new people, get to know others and feel good about giving back.

5. Make calls. Sounds simple but, how many times in 2014 did your week get away from you and you didn’t make a single call? Each week, dedicate three (3) 15-minute blocks of time to just make calls. Connect and share, your sphere (SOI) knows lots of people. Ask them who is looking for a new home this year, tell them about market activity or share a listing and ask who do they know that might be interested in a fantastic home in x neighborhood. Did you see a great deal at open house or a home with nice features? Share it, talk about it, spread the word. By making business calls each week, you will grow your SOI and create new opportunities for your business.

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