How-To Order Condo Docs

With the recent changes in the level of support provided by Title and Escrow companies in Hawaii, it is important for Realtors to have resources that they can use to efficiently service their clients.

In this collaborative learning episode we’ll walk through how a real estate agent would order Condominium Documents from the online service CondoCerts.

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  1. If you get copies of any condominium documents while you are living at the condo, then do keep them. If they are current, they can be provided during a sale. Otherwise, you will have to order these documents from the property manager and it can be expensive. Some property managers charge hundreds of dollars for these documents and they don t always get them to you quickly. So I recommend sellers often try to gather these using other methods if they have access to them. If you happen to be on the condo board, then you would have a lot of these already, so again, as long as they are current, you could use them when selling your property.

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